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Mandarin Lesson 31: 你什么时候想吃晚饭? When would you like to eat dinner?

Mandarin Lesson 32: 我可以回家? Can I go home?

Mandarin Lesson 33: 那个商店有很多东西可以买。That store has a lot of things you can buy.

Mandarin Lesson 34: 他是谁? Who is he?

Mandarin Lesson 35: 你为什么那么做? Why did you do that?

Mandarin Lesson 36: 现在几点了? What time is it now?

Mandarin Lesson 37: 我的学生发音不好。My students' pronunciation is not good.

Mandarin Lesson 38: 我听不懂老师说的话。I don't understand what the teacher says.

Mandarin Lesson 39: 成龙很有名。Jackie Chan is very famous.

Mandarin Lesson 40: 我喜欢单身。I like being single.
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The Mandarin language is not as difficult as you might think. There’s a reason why it’s the world’s most spoken language! A lingua franca for much of Northern China since the Yuan dynasty, Mandarin has a simple, no-nonsense grammatical system and a vocabulary that builds upon itself. So don’t be daunted! You too can speak this beautiful language.