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Mandarin Lesson 1: 你是中国人吗? Are you Chinese?

Mandarin Lesson 2: 你喜欢茶吗? Do you like tea?

Mandarin Lesson 3: 我认识王小姐。I know Ms. Wang.

Mandarin Lesson 4: 我要去北京。I'm going to Beijing.

Mandarin Lesson 5: 陈先生在宾馆。Mr. Chen is at the hotel.

Mandarin Lesson 6: 学校在哪里? Where is the school?

Mandarin Lesson 7: 中国很大。China is very big.

Mandarin Lesson 8: 我普通话说得不好。I don't speak Mandarin well.

Mandarin Lesson 9: 你会说英语吗? Do you know how to speak English?

Mandarin Lesson 10: 这不是他的词典。This isn't his dictionary.

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The Mandarin language is not as difficult as you might think. There’s a reason why it’s the world’s most spoken language! A lingua franca for much of Northern China since the Yuan dynasty, Mandarin has a simple, no-nonsense grammatical system and a vocabulary that builds upon itself. So don’t be daunted! You too can speak this beautiful language.