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Mandarin Lesson 41 做作业很无聊。 Doing homework is very boring.

Mandarin Lesson 42 下个星期我们有一个测试 。We have a test next week.

Mandarin Lesson 43 我明天要教四堂课。I will teach four classes tomorrow.

Mandarin Lesson 44 请介绍你自己。 Please introduce yourself.

Mandarin Lesson 45 学生们看起来很紧张。The students appear very nervous.

Mandarin Lesson 46 你很害羞吗? Are you very shy?

Mandarin Lesson 47 她有很多爱好。She has a lot of hobbies.

Mandarin Lesson 48 我真不聪明。I'm really not smart.

Mandarin Lesson 49 你应该去曲阜。You should go to Qufu.

Mandarin Lesson 50 上个周末你做了什么? What did you do last weekend?

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The Mandarin language is not as difficult as you might think. Thereís a reason why itís the worldís most spoken language! A lingua franca for much of Northern China since the Yuan dynasty, Mandarin has a simple, no-nonsense grammatical system and a vocabulary that builds upon itself. So donít be daunted! You too can speak this beautiful language.