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Mandarin Lesson 81: 公寓被打扫得很干净。 The apartment has been given a thorough cleaning.

Mandarin Lesson 82: 一般来说, 在中国有很多商机。 Generally speaking, there are many business opportunities in China.

Mandarin Lesson 83: 听说他擅长武术 。I hear he is good at martial arts.

Mandarin Lesson 84: 国际关系是一个受欢迎的专业。International relations is a popular major.

Mandarin Lesson 85: 我忘了这个词的意思。 I forgot the meaning of this word.

Mandarin Lesson 86: 他的英语口语没有什么进步 。His spoken English has not shown much improvement.

Mandarin Lesson 87: 他有时迟到几分钟。He sometimes is a few minutes late.

Mandarin Lesson 88: 她男朋友更喜欢住在加拿大。 Her boyfriend prefers to live in Canada.

Mandarin Lesson 89: 今年秋天比较暖和。This fall is rather warm.

Mandarin Lesson 90: 说实话, 我们感到很恼火。To tell the truth, we feel very annoyed.

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The Mandarin language is not as difficult as you might think. There’s a reason why it’s the world’s most spoken language! A lingua franca for much of Northern China since the Yuan dynasty, Mandarin has a simple, no-nonsense grammatical system and a vocabulary that builds upon itself. So don’t be daunted! You too can speak this beautiful language.